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    • Acute Necrotizing Encephalopathy: Case Report 

      Feezel, Ashlea (2017-03-14)
      Background: Acute Necrotizing Encephalopathy (ANE) is a rare disease that follows viral infections, most commonly influenza. Patients present with altered mental status and rapidly progress into a comatose state. Characteristic ...
    • Melody Valve Implantation Within Freestyle Porcine Aortic Heterograft: Single Center Experience 

      Feezel, Ashlea (2016-03-23)
      The Melody transcatheter pulmonary valve has been implanted successfully worldwide since its first implant in 2000. The vast majority of these valves have been implanted in pulmonary homografts. Due to surgeon preference, ...
    • Williams-Beuren Syndrome: A Case Report 

      Feezel, Ashlea (2017-03-14)
      Background: Williams-Beuren Syndrome (WBS), is a disorder caused by a hemizygous deletion of genes located on chromosome 7q11.23. Although, the deletion ranges in size from 1.55Mb to 1.85Mb, the elastin gene, ELN, is lost ...