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    • A Case Series of Atypical Back Pain in Pediatric Athletes 

      Ali, Arsalan; Jacobs, Benjamin; Gandhi, Artee; Brooks, Meredith (2022)
      Background: Baastrup's disease is a rare, often misdiagnosed, cause of back pain in children. It is characterized by degenerative changes of both spinous processes and interspinous soft tissues between two adjacent vertebrae. ...
    • Case Report: Patient with 3 Gastric Cancers Simultaneously (Adenocarcionma, NET, GIST) 

      Jacobs, Benjamin; Ali, Arsalan; Logarajah, Shankar; Jeyarajah, Rohan (2022)
      Background: Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the world second only to heart disease. The top three cancers by incidence for men are Lung, Prostate, and Colorectal. For women, the top three cancers by incidence ...