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    • Biological Characteristics of Lens Epithelial Cells from Grx1 and Grx2 Double Knockout Mice 

      Zhang, Jinmin; Yu, Yu; Lal, Kevin; Dang, Terry; Ezugwu, Chimdindu; Tran, Myhoa; Wu, Hongli; 0000-0001-6424-0642 (Lal, Kevin) (2022)
      Purpose: Glutaredoxins are glutathione (GSH) dependent enzymes that play an important role in repairing oxidized proteins, preventing subsequent protein misfolding and disrupting protein aggregation. The Grx system has two ...
    • Retina-Targeted Estrogen Prodrug: A New Concept for Retinal Protection 

      Lal, Kevin; Yu, Yu; Zhang, Jinmin; Tran, Myhoa; Ezugwu, Chimdindu; Prokai, Katalin; Liu, Yang; Wu, Hongli; 0000-0001-6424-0642 (Lal, Kevin) (2022)
      Retinal injury due to excessive light exposure during military duties often results in serious vision damage to soldiers including irreversible loss of visual function. However, therapeutic interventions that can promote ...