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    • Implications of COVID-19 On A Rapidly Growing Thymoma Case 

      Narayanan, Neeraja; Motamedi, Shoaleh; Lalaonde, Christain; Tauriainen, Mikko (2022)
      Thymomas are a rare form of malignancy that most commonly present as an anterior mediastinal mass. These slow-growing neoplasms originate from thymic epithelial cells. Although most are asymptomatic, they can have a variety ...
    • Variation in the Origination of the Right Obturator 

      Narayanan, Neeraja (2020)
      Background: Knowing the anatomical location and origins of pelvic vasculature in the human body is imperative while performing laparoscopic procedures to mitigate hemorrhages. The obturator artery is well known for having ...