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    • Characteristics of Delta-8 THC retailers in a large metropolitan city 

      LoParco, Cassidy; Walker, Drew; McDonald, Kayla; Pathak, Sunidhi Santosh; Eggleston, Jensen; Olsson, Sofia; Yockey, Robert; Luningham, Justin; Kong, Amanda; Henry, Doug; Rossheim, Matthew (2022)
      Background: Retail sales of Delta-8 THC, an isomer of the more common form of cannabis (Delta-9 THC), have increased in the U.S. market since the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill. Specifically, the Farm Bill allowed for the ...
    • Qualitative Descriptions of "What is Delta-8 THC"? 

      Olsson, Sofia; Loparco, Cassidy; Rossheim, Matthew (2022)
      Background: Delta-8 THC is a chemical isomer of the more common form of THC found in the Cannabis plant, Delta-9. Delta-8 THC retail increased after the 2018 Farm Bill was passed. This bill defined hemp as anything having ...