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    • Course Design and Redesign 

      Savi, Christine (2010-11-08)
      This is the PowerPoint used in a workshop offered by the Center for Learning & Development at the UNT Health Science Center. The workshop provides the insights into the design of course syllabus, learning activities, and ...
    • Developing and Testing a Rubric: Comprehensive Exams 

      Savi, Christine (2010-10-20)
      How to develop and test a rubric to use for comprehensive, graduate exams.
    • Higher Order Thinking (HOT) Faculty Survey (V1) 

      Savi, Christine (2011-01-18)
      The Higher Order Thinking (HOT) Faculty Survey instrument is designed to measure faculty use and knowledge of strategies, technologies and assessment techniques that can improve student HOT skills. This document is a copy ...
    • Higher Order Thinking (HOT) Learning Objective Generator (LOG) 

      Savi, Christine (2010-11-19)
      An automated Learning Objective Generator (LOG) has been created by the CLD in assisting faculty with writing student learning outcomes.
    • Higher Order Thinking Item Formats 

      Savi, Christine (2011-02-11)
      This handout supplements the Test Item Writing presentation. It contains formatting suggestions and examples of items targeting higher order thinking.
    • MCQ Practice Handout 

      Savi, Christine (2010-11-05)
      This handout accompanies the Test Item Writing Guide. It contains problematic MCQs and Short Answer questions and rubrics.
    • QEP Course Syllabus Rubric 

      Savi, Christine (2010-10-21)
      Revised QEP course syllabus rubric adapted from Columbia University, (2006). Mailman School of Public Health: Syllabus rubric. Retrieved from
    • Rubric Revision Examples 

      Savi, Christine (2011-05-05)
      This presentation provides a step-wise approach to revising rubrics using best practice skills.
    • Rubrics: Using Performance Criteria to Evaluate Student Learning 

      Savi, Christine (2011-05-23)
      This PowerPoint introduces rubrics as a tool to assess student learning.
    • Test Item Writing Examples 

      Savi, Christine (2011-05-05)
      This presentation offers a step-wise approach to revising existing test items based on best practices.
    • Test Item Writing for Higher Order Thinking 

      Savi, Christine (2011-02-09)
      This presentation provides practical guidelines on writing effective assessment items to measure students' higher order thinking in the medical and health education curriculum.
    • UNTHSC Higher Order Thinking (HOT) Overview - Presentation 

      Savi, Christine (2011-02-10)
      This presentation provides an overview of how higher order thinking is being integrated into the UNTHSC curriculum through its QEP.
    • Using Data to Drive Decision Making: Scantron tests 

      Savi, Christine (2011-01-07)
      This presentation takes a stepwise approach to the interpretation of Scantron test item analysis.