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    • Characterizing Region-Specific Glucose Metabolic Profile of the Rodent Brain Using Seahorse XFe96 Analyzer 

      Wang, Linshu; Chaudhari, Kiran; Winters, Ali; Sun, Yuanhong; Liu, Ran; Yang, Shaohua (2022)
      Purpose: The brain is highly complex with diverse structural characteristics in accordance with specific functions. Accordingly, differences in regional function, cellular compositions, and active metabolic pathways may ...
    • Effects of Sex Steroids on Stroke 

      Yang, Shaohua (2004-02-01)
      Yang, Shaohua, Effects of Sex Steroids on Stroke. Doctor of Philosophy (Biomedical Science), February 2004, pp210, 5 tables, 27 illustrations, 64 titles. Estrogens and androgens are recognized as major sex steroids for ...