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    • A proteomic signature for dementia with Lewy bodies 

      O'Bryant, Sid E.; Ferman, Tanis J.; Zhang, Fan; Hall, James R.; Pedraza, Otto; Wszolek, Zbigniew K.; Como, Tori; Julovich, David A.; Mattevada, Sravan; Johnson, Leigh A.; Edwards, Melissa; Graff-Radford, Neill R.; 0000-0003-0582-5266 (O'Bryant, Sid E.); 0000-0001-7769-8417 (Johnson, Leigh A.) (Elsevier Inc., 2019-03-15)
      Introduction: We sought to determine if a proteomic profile approach developed to detect Alzheimer's disease would distinguish patients with Lewy body disease from normal controls, and if it would distinguish dementia with ...