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    • Acute Regression in Down Syndrome 

      Handen, Benjamin; Clare, Isabel; Laymon, Charles; Petersen, Melissa E.; Zaman, Shahid; O'Bryant, Sid E.; Minhas, Davneet; Tudorascu, Dana; Brown, Stephanie; Christian, Bradley; 0000-0003-0582-5266 (O'Bryant, Sid E.); 0000-0002-3920-5877 (Petersen, Melissa E.) (MDPI, 2021-08-23)
      Acute regression has been reported in some individuals with Down syndrome (DS), typically occurring between the teenage years and mid to late 20s. Characterized by sudden, and often unexplained, reductions in language ...
    • Proteomic profiles for Alzheimer's disease and mild cognitive impairment among adults with Down syndrome spanning serum and plasma: An Alzheimer's Biomarker Consortium-Down Syndrome (ABC-DS) study 

      Petersen, Melissa E.; Zhang, Fan; Schupf, Nicole; Krinsky-McHale, Sharon J.; Hall, James R.; Mapstone, Mark; Cheema, Amrita; Silverman, Wayne; Lott, Ira; Rafii, Michael S.; Handen, Benjamin; Klunk, William; Head, Elizabeth; Christian, Bradley; Foroud, Tatiana; Lai, Florence; Rosas, H. Diana; Zaman, Shahid; Ances, Beau M.; Wang, Mei-Cheng; Tycko, Benjamin; Lee, Joseph H.; O'Bryant, Sid E.; 0000-0003-0582-5266 (O'Bryant, Sid E.); 0000-0002-3920-5877 (Petersen, Melissa E.) (Wiley Periodicals, Inc., 2020-06-30)
      Introduction: Previously generated serum and plasma proteomic profiles were examined among adults with Down syndrome (DS) to determine whether these profiles could discriminate those with mild cognitive impairment (MCI-DS) ...