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dc.contributor.authorMahan, Jedidiah
dc.contributor.authorShultz, Matthew
dc.contributor.authorKway, Kristi
dc.contributor.authorAdams, Ana
dc.contributor.authorChilakamarri, Sandeep
dc.creatorAziz, Hadia
dc.description.abstractPurpose: This study identifies and evaluates services provided to the homeless population in Fort Worth, Texas by local and state organizations. Methods: Six organizations serving the homeless population of Fort Worth were identified and evaluated for eligibility, location, services provided, and barriers to access. These organizations include True Worth Place, Presbyterian Night Shelter, Union Gospel Mission, Section 8 Project Rental Assistance (PRA) Program, LegUp Program, and The Net. Results/Conclusions: Interventions employed by local and state organizations address the physiological, psychological, and/or social components of homelessness. Common services include shelter (emergency, transitional, and long-term), medical care, life skills coaching, social support, and basic needs provision. These organizations either provide these services outright or by implementing a system where persons may earn the services after completing certain tasks such as attending a certain number of meetings and workshops. Frequent eligibility criteria required by the local and state organizations include valid U.S. identification and proof of low-income or homeless status. The most prominent barriers to access were identified to be insufficient transportation, community uprooting, and time constraints.
dc.titleEvaluating services provided to the homeless population of Fort Worth

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