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  • Common Lung Microbiome Identified among Mechanically Ventilated Surgical Patients 

    Smith, Ashley D.; Zhang, Yan; Barber, Robert C.; Minshall, Christian T.; Huebinger, Ryan M.; Allen, Michael S.; 0000-0003-2293-8078 (Allen, Michael S.); 0000-0001-5784-4659 (Zhang, Yan); 0000-0001-6857-0286 (Barber, Robert C.) (PLOS, 2016-11-29)
    The examination of the pulmonary microbiome in patients with non-chronic disease states has not been extensively examined. Traditional culture based screening methods are often unable to identify bacteria from bronchoalveolar ...
  • Identification of novel alternative splicing biomarkers for breast cancer with LC/MS/MS and RNA-Seq 

    Zhang, Fan; Deng, Chris K.; Wang, Mu; Deng, Bin; Barber, Robert C.; Huang, Gang; 0000-0001-6857-0286 (Barber, Robert C.) (BioMed Central Ltd., 2020-12-03)
    Background: Alternative splicing isoforms have been reported as a new and robust class of diagnostic biomarkers. Over 95% of human genes are estimated to be alternatively spliced as a powerful means of producing functionally ...
  • Identification of long non-coding RNA-related and -coexpressed mRNA biomarkers for hepatocellular carcinoma 

    Zhang, Fan; Ding, Linda; Cui, Li; Barber, Robert C.; Deng, Bin; 0000-0001-6857-0286 (Barber, Robert C.) (BioMed Central Ltd., 2019-01-31)
    Background: While changes in mRNA expression during tumorigenesis have been used widely as molecular biomarkers for the diagnosis of a number of cancers, the approach has limitations. For example, traditional methods do ...
  • Circulating mitochondrial DNA: New indices of type 2 diabetes-related cognitive impairment in Mexican Americans 

    Silzer, Talisa; Barber, Robert C.; Sun, Jie; Pathak, Gita; Johnson, Leigh A.; O'Bryant, Sid E.; Phillips, Nicole; 0000-0001-6857-0286 (Barber, Robert C.); 0000-0003-0582-5266 (O'Bryant, Sid E.); 0000-0001-7769-8417 (Johnson, Leigh A.) (PLoS, 2019-03-12)
    Mitochondrial function has been implicated and studied in numerous complex age-related diseases. Understanding the potential role of mitochondria in disease pathophysiology is of importance due to the rise in prevalence ...
  • The Health & Aging Brain among Latino Elders (HABLE) study methods and participant characteristics 

    O'Bryant, Sid E.; Johnson, Leigh A.; Barber, Robert C.; Braskie, Meredith N.; Christian, Bradley; Hall, James R.; Hazra, Nalini; King, Kevin; Kothapalli, Deydeep; Large, Stephanie; Mason, David; Matsiyevskiy, Elizabeth; McColl, Roderick; Nandy, Rajesh; Palmer, Raymond; Petersen, Melissa E.; Philips, Nicole; Rissman, Robert A.; Shi, Yonggang; Toga, Arthur W.; Vintimilla, Raul; Vig, Rocky; Zhang, Fan; Yaffe, Kristine; 0000-0001-6857-0286 (Barber, Robert C.); 0000-0003-0582-5266 O'Bryant, Sid E.; 0000-0001-7769-8417 (Johnson, Leigh A.); 0000-0002-3920-5877 (Petersen, Melissa E.) (Wiley Periodicals, LLC, 2021-06-21)
    Introduction: Mexican Americans remain severely underrepresented in Alzheimer's disease (AD) research. The Health & Aging Brain among Latino Elders (HABLE) study was created to fill important gaps in the existing literature. ...
  • Variations of the lung microbiome and immune response in mechanically ventilated surgical patients 

    Huebinger, Ryan M.; Smith, Ashley D.; Zhang, Yan; Monson, Nancy L.; Ireland, Sara J.; Barber, Robert C.; Kubasiak, John C.; Minshall, Christian T.; Minei, Joseph P.; Wolf, Steven E.; Allen, Michael S.; 0000-0001-6857-0286 (Barber, Robert C.); 0000-0001-6857-0286 (Allen, Michael S.) (PLOS, 2018-10-24)
    Mechanically ventilated surgical patients have a variety of bacterial flora that are often undetectable by traditional culture methods. The source of infection in many of these patients remains unclear. To address this ...