Executive Director and Endowed Chair, North Texas Eye Research Institute

Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences

Professor, Pharmacology & Neuroscience

Email: Dimitrios.Karamichos@unthsc.edu

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  • Unravelling Novel Roles of Salivary Exosomes in the Regulation of Human Corneal Stromal Cell Migration and Wound Healing 

    Escandon, Paulina; Liu, Angela; Nicholas, Sarah E.; Khan, Asher; Riaz, Kamran M.; Karamichos, Dimitrios; 0000-0002-8761-3824 (Karamichos, Dimitrios) (MDPI, 2022-04-14)
    Salivary exosomes have demonstrated vast therapeutic and diagnostic potential in numerous diseases. This study pioneers previously unexplored roles of SE in the context of corneal wound healing by utilizing primary corneal ...
  • Treatment of Non-Infectious Corneal Injury: Review of Diagnostic Agents, Therapeutic Medications, and Future Targets 

    Dang, Deanna H.; Riaz, Kamran M.; Karamichos, Dimitrios; 0000-0002-8761-3824 (Karamichos, Dimitrios) (Springer Nature, 2022-01-13)
    Corneal injuries can occur secondary to traumatic, chemical, inflammatory, metabolic, autoimmune, and iatrogenic causes. Ocular infection may frequently occur concurrent to corneal injury; however, antimicrobial agents are ...
  • Characterization of Tear Immunoglobulins in a Small-Cohort of Keratoconus Patients 

    McKay, Tina B.; Serjersen, Henrik; Hjortdal, Jesper; Zieske, James D.; Karamichos, Dimitrios; 0000-0002-8761-3824 (Karamichos, Dimitrios) (Springer Nature, 2020-06-10)
    Keratoconus (KC) is classically considered a non-inflammatory condition caused by central corneal thinning that leads to astigmatism and reduced visual acuity. Previous studies have identified increased systemic levels of ...
  • Nerve influence on the metabolism of type I and type II diabetic corneal stroma: an in vitro study 

    Whelchel, Amy E.; Nicholas, Sarah E.; Ma, Jian-Xing; Karamichos, Dimitrios; 0000-0002-8761-3824 (Karamichos, Dimitrios) (Springer Nature, 2021-07-01)
    Corneal innervation plays a major role in the pathobiology of diabetic corneal disease. However, innervation impact has mainly been investigated in the context of diabetic epitheliopathy and wound healing. Further studies ...
  • The Role of Estriol and Estrone in Keratoconic Stromal Sex Hormone Receptors 

    Escandon, Paulina; Nicholas, Sarah E.; Cunningham, Rebecca L.; Murphy, David A.; Riaz, Kamran M.; Karamichos, Dimitrios; 0000-0002-8761-3824 (Karamichos, Dimitrios); 0000-0001-5984-5516 (Cunningham, Rebecca) (MDPI, 2022-01-14)
    Keratoconus (KC) is a progressive corneal thinning disease that manifests in puberty and worsens during pregnancy. KC onset and progression are attributed to diverse factors that include: environmental, genetics, and ...
  • Quercetin Decreases Corneal Haze In Vivo and Influences Gene Expression of TGF-Beta Mediators In Vitro 

    McKay, Tina B.; Kivanany, Pourisika B.; Nicholas, Sarah E.; Nag, Okhil K.; Elliott, Michael H.; Petroll, W. Matthew; Karamichos, Dimitrios; 0000-0002-8761-3824 (Karamichos, Dimitrios) (MDPI, 2022-07-07)
    We have previously reported the flavonoid, quercetin, as a metabolic regulator and inhibitor of myofibroblast differentiation in vitro. Our current study evaluated the effects of topical application of quercetin on corneal ...
  • FAK Inhibition Attenuates Corneal Fibroblast Differentiation In Vitro 

    Yeung, Vincent; Sriram, Sriniwas; Tran, Jennifer A.; Guo, Xiaoqing; Hutcheon, Audrey E. K.; Zieske, James D.; Karamichos, Dimitrios; Ciolino, Joseph B.; 0000-0002-8761-3824 (Karamichos, Dimitrios) (MDPI, 2021-11-12)
    Corneal fibrosis (or scarring) occurs in response to ocular trauma or infection, and by reducing corneal transparency, it can lead to visual impairment and blindness. Studies highlight important roles for transforming ...
  • Sex Hormones, Growth Hormone, and the Cornea 

    McKay, Tina B.; Priyadarsini, Shrestha; Karamichos, Dimitrios; 0000-0002-8761-3824 (Karamichos, Dimitrios) (MDPI, 2022-01-11)
    The growth and maintenance of nearly every tissue in the body is influenced by systemic hormones during embryonic development through puberty and into adulthood. Of the ~130 different hormones expressed in the human body, ...
  • A novel 3D culture model of fungal keratitis to explore host-pathogen interactions within the stromal environment 

    Brown, Marina E.; Montgomery, Micaela L.; Kamath, Manali M.; Nicholas, Sarah; Liu, Yutao; Karamichos, Dimitrios; Fuller, Kevin K.; 0000-0002-8761-3824 (Karamichos, Dimitrios) (Elsevier Ltd., 2021-04-15)
    Fungal keratitis (FK) pathology is driven by both fungal growth and inflammation within the corneal stroma. Standard in vitro infection models involving co-culture of the pathogen and the corneal cells in tissue culture ...
  • Arginine Supplementation Promotes Extracellular Matrix and Metabolic Changes in Keratoconus 

    McKay, Tina B.; Priyadarsini, Shrestha; Rowsey, Tyler; Karamichos, Dimitrios; 0000-0002-8761-3824 (Karamichos, Dimitrios) (MDPI, 2021-08-13)
    Keratoconus (KC) is a common corneal ectatic disease that affects 1:500-1:2000 people worldwide and is associated with a progressive thinning of the corneal stroma that may lead to severe astigmatism and visual deficits. ...
  • Cellular Contractility Profiles of Human Diabetic Corneal Stromal Cells 

    Lam, Thi N.; Nicholas, S. E.; Choi, Alexander; Ma, Jian-Xing; Karamichos, Dimitrios; 0000-0002-8761-3824 (Karamichos, Dimitrios) (Hindawi, 2021-06-04)
    Diabetic keratopathy is a corneal complication of diabetes mellitus (DM). Patients with diabetic keratopathy are prone to developing corneal haze, scarring, recurrent erosions, and significant wound healing defects/delays. ...