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    • Aging-related limit of exercise efficacy on motor decline 

      Arnold, Jennifer C.; Cantu, Mark A.; Kasanga, Ella A.; Nejtek, Vicki A.; Papa, Evan V.; Bugnariu, Nicoleta; Salvatore, Michael F.; 0000-0001-6935-1739 (Nejtek, Vicki A.) (PLOS, 2017-11-27)
      Identifying lifestyle strategies and allied neurobiological mechanisms that reduce aging-related motor impairment is imperative, given the accelerating number of retirees and increased life expectancy. A physically active ...
    • Cardiovascular Metrics Associated With Prevention of Aging-Related Parkinsonian Signs Following Exercise Intervention in Sedentary Older Rats 

      Kasanga, Ella A.; Little, Joel; McInnis, Tamara R.; Bugnariu, Nicoleta; Cunningham, J. Thomas; Salvatore, Michael F.; 0000-0001-8859-9481 (Cunningham, J. Thomas) (Frontiers Media S.A., 2021-12-15)
      Preservation of motor capabilities is vital to maintaining independent daily living throughout a person's lifespan and may mitigate aging-related parkinsonism, a progressive and prevalent motor impairment. Physically active ...
    • Is there a Neurobiological Rationale for the Utility of the Iowa Gambling Task in Parkinson's Disease? 

      Salvatore, Michael F.; Soto, Isabel; Alphonso, Helene; Cunningham, Rebecca L.; James, Rachael; Nejtek, Vicki A.; 0000-0001-6935-1739 (Nejtek, Vicki A.); 0000-0001-5984-5516 (Cunningham, Rebecca) (IOS Press, 2021-04-13)
      Up to 23% of newly diagnosed, non-demented, Parkinson's disease (PD) patients experience deficits in executive functioning (EF). In fact, EF deficits may occur up to 39-months prior to the onset of motor decline. Optimal ...