Assessment of Health Literacy and Potential Barriers Regarding Acceptance of the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccine Among Parents/Guardians




Vo-Le, Brittany


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Human Papillomavirus (HPV) infection has been a rising concern due to its association with cervical cancer, but many parents are still not getting their children vaccinated to prevent this type of cancer. The purpose of the proposed research is to increase the uptake of the HPV vaccine by identifying the barriers preventing adolescents from receiving this vaccination, and increasing the literacy of parents/guardians about HPV and the HPV vaccine. To identify the aforementioned barriers, a questionnaire will be given to participating parents/guardians of children/adolescents visiting the Department of Pediatrics at UNT Health Science Center. This questionnaire was designed to aid in the assessment and discovery of the parent’s/guardians’ knowledge regarding HPV and the HPV vaccine, potential barriers to accepting the HPV vaccine for their children, and their attitudes towards the HPV vaccine and vaccination in general. Materials for this clinical research study have been completed, and IRB approval has been obtained, so data collection can begin. After completion of this research study, we expect to not only increase parents/guardians literacy regarding HPV and the HPV vaccine, but also to identify the major barriers preventing them from getting their child vaccinated. Information gained will provide a basis for developing a new health literacy intervention within the Department of Pediatrics at UNT Health Science Center.