Syndromic Surveillance System: A Review and a Community Assessment in Tarrant County, Texas

dc.contributor.advisorLurie, Sue
dc.contributor.committeeMemberGonzalez, Adela
dc.contributor.committeeMemberBlanck, Ronald R.
dc.creatorBreaux, Lynn Gray
dc.description.abstractBreaux, Lynn G., Syndromic Surveillance Systems: A Review and a Community Assessment in Tarrant County, Texas, Doctor of Public Health (Social and Behavioral Science), May 2005, 56 pp., 3 appendices, bibliography 116 titles. A comprehensive overview of Syndromic Surveillance Systems (SSS) is provided in Chapter I including history and threats to a SSS. Current state of SSS and SSS implementation considerations are detailed in Chapter II. A community assessment comprised of selected Tarrant County, Texas key stakeholders is included utilizing an open ended questions format detailed in Chapter III with results in Chapter IV. Introductory letters preceded the subjective, qualitative survey and obtained opinions and needs concerning SSS and implementation strategies. A broad range of responses was assessed based upon stakeholder knowledge of SSS and the part they feel they play in any implementation. Several central themes emerged, including stakeholder desire for involvement in SSS implementation and the request for the health department to answer any questions concerning this implementation. All central themes are discussed in Chapter V along with questions regarding use of the survey data and future interface between community partners.
dc.subjectCommunity Health
dc.subjectCommunity Health and Preventive Medicine
dc.subjectHealth Services Administration
dc.subjectLife Sciences
dc.subjectMedicine and Health Sciences
dc.subjectOther Public Health
dc.subjectPublic Health
dc.subjectSyndromic Surveillance System
dc.subjectTarrant County
dc.subjectcommunity assessment
dc.subjectstakeholder knowledge
dc.subjecthealth department
dc.subjectsurvey data
dc.titleSyndromic Surveillance System: A Review and a Community Assessment in Tarrant County, Texas
dc.type.materialtext of Public Health and Behavioral Sciences of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth of Public Health


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