Review of the Current Treatment Options for a Prostate Cancer, Evolution of Radiosurgery, and Initiation of a Cyberknife Prostate Cancer Trial

dc.contributor.advisorOglesby, Michael
dc.contributor.committeeMemberGwirtz, Patricia A.
dc.contributor.committeeMemberAschenbrenner, John
dc.creatorCamarena, Julieanna Angel
dc.description.abstractCamarena, Julieanna, Angel. Review of the Current Treatment Options for Prostate Cancer, Evolution of Radiosurgery, and Initiation of Cyberknife Prostate Cancer Trial. Master of Science (Clinical Research Management), May 2008, 141 pp., 3 tables, 4 illustrations, bibliography, 73 titles. Prostate cancer is the uncontrolled growth of the prostate gland cells. It is the most common cancer found in American men other than non-melanoma skin cancer. This disease will affect 1 in 6 men during their lifetime. With early diagnosis and treatment, prostate cancer has a cure rate of 90%. Currently there are several treatment options available for prostate cancer. The most common forms of treatment for early and intermediate state prostate cancers are surgery, radiation therapy, hormone deprivation therapy, and active surveillance. New treatment modalities including CyberKnife radiosurgery are currently being tested to gather data on safety and efficacy. Although the CyberKnife system gained clearance from the Food and Drug Administration in 2001 to treat tumors anywhere in the body where radiation treatment is indicated, long term data has not accrued on this device to assess its safety and efficacy. Investigational new treatments such as the CyberKnife must undergo clinical trials even after it is approved to determine long term effects of the procedure. As an intern with a CyberKnife, prostate cancer clinical trial, the author assisted in initiating the clinical trial at a major institution and observed the many aspects of clinical research with a focus on the role of a clinical research coordinator. Through this experience, the author researched the key components in a protocol and the background information necessary to compose a clinical trial protocol in the area of prostate cancer.
dc.subjectAlternative and Complementary Medicine
dc.subjectCancer Biology
dc.subjectLaboratory and Basic Science Research
dc.subjectLife Sciences
dc.subjectMedicine and Health Sciences
dc.subjectRehabilitation and Therapy
dc.subjectTreatment options
dc.subjectprostate cancer
dc.subjectcyberknife prostate cancer trial
dc.subjectclinical trial protocol
dc.subjectbackground information
dc.titleReview of the Current Treatment Options for a Prostate Cancer, Evolution of Radiosurgery, and Initiation of a Cyberknife Prostate Cancer Trial
dc.typeProfessional Report
dc.type.materialtext School of Biomedical Sciences Research Management of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth of Science


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