Establishment of a Modified and Standardized Ferric Chloride-Induced Rat Carotid Artery Thrombosis Model




Lin, Xiao
Zhao, Peiqi
Lin, Zhongxiao
Chen, Jiayu
Bingwa, Lebohang Anesu
Siaw-Debrah, Felix
Zhang, Peng
Jin, Kunlin
Yang, Su
Zhuge, Qichuan


0000-0002-1336-348X (Jin, Kunlin)

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American Chemical Society


BACKGROUND: Ferric chloride is widely utilized in inducing thrombosis in small vessels of experimental animals. However, the lack of its application in large blood vessels of experimental animals and inconsistent concentration has limited its application. Therefore, we systematically tested the most suitable concentration and reliable induction time in the experiment of using ferric chloride to induce rat carotid artery thrombosis. METHODS: In this study, we selected the common carotid artery of 59 Sprague-Dawley rats as the target vessel. The exploration process was divided into three stages. First, to determine the optimum induction concentration, we compared the effects of 30-60% ferric chloride on thrombus formation within 24 h. Second, to confirm the handling time, we tested different induction times from 3 min to 10 min. Lastly, we used the thrombolytic drug rt-PA to detect whether the formed thrombus can be lysed. Doppler blood flow imaging and H-E staining were employed to estimate the blood flow and thrombus. The ATP levels in the brain were measured using a bioluminescence ATP assay kit. RESULTS: We found that the application of 50% ferric chloride for 10 min was enough to successfully induce thrombosis in the rat carotid artery and without spontaneous thrombolysis after 24 h. It is better than other concentrations and will lead to the decline of the ATP content in the ischemic hemisphere. CONCLUSIONS: Our results indicate that the rat carotid artery thrombosis model induced by 50% ferric chloride for 10 min is stable and reliable.




Lin, X., Zhao, P., Lin, Z., Chen, J., Bingwa, L. A., Siaw-Debrah, F., Zhang, P., Jin, K., Yang, S., & Zhuge, Q. (2022). Establishment of a Modified and Standardized Ferric Chloride-Induced Rat Carotid Artery Thrombosis Model. ACS omega, 7(10), 8919-8927.


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