Resources for Patients with Partial Hearing Loss

dc.contributor.authorYadav, Menaka
dc.contributor.authorLopez, Jennifer
dc.contributor.authorSmith, Morgan
dc.contributor.authorLamping, Ashley
dc.creatorAkchurin, Peri
dc.description.abstractThe purpose of this research was to explore and summarize resources in Tarrant County, Texas for those with partial hearing loss. Our goal was to create an easy-to-read overview of resources for patients and future-providers alike. We primarily used web search and online information pamphlets to identify organizations and resources in the county. We summarized the services offered by each resource and identified potential barriers to access. As with many health challenges, patients are faced with an uphill obstacle course of navigating resources and appointments, finding funds, and shuttling records and paperwork, all while striving to maintain as productive and happy life as possible. We were surprised to find that children comprise a large percentage of those who are hard of hearing, making resources for parents and adult caretakers all the more vital. Tarrant County has several resources to assist those with partial hearing loss in a variety of ways. Through the process of creating this overview, we gained insight into what has the potential to be a very difficult and frustrating process to obtain resources and assistance, especially for those with financial concerns. We also gained an appreciation for the number of people affected by hearing loss and are more prepared to assist future patients who will benefit from these resources.
dc.titleResources for Patients with Partial Hearing Loss