Interleukin-1Alpha-Mediated Signaling Mechanisms in the Human Trabecular Meshwork




Shade, Debra L.


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Shade, Debra L., Interleukin-1Alpha-Mediated Signaling Mechanisms in the Human Trabecular Meshwork. Doctor of Philosophy (Biomedical Sciences/Pharmacology), December, 2000, 140 pp., 13 tables, 30 figures, references, 156 titles. This research provides important insights into the means by which interleukin-1alpha (IL-1α) regulates TM cell functions and enhances aqueous outflow, thus lowering IOP. The studies reported herein represent the first known characterization of the central role of the AP-1 transcription factor pathway in IL-1α-mediated production of proMMP-3 by TM cells, as well as the first known evidence that IL-1α can also enhance TM phagocytosis. Using these results as a stepping stone, this research has furthermore led to the identification of “AP-1 activators” as a novel compound class which may be useful in the treatment of glaucoma; it also points to the potential for compounds which regulate MEK, p38, and PKCμ activity as additional means of treatment. Based on these results, it is postulated that such compounds would be expected to lower IOP via upregulations of MMP production, followed by ECM degradation, and potentially, enhanced clearance of degraded ECM via phagocytosis.