A Review of the Literature on Faith-Based Organization's HIV/AIDs Care and Prevention Efforts in Sub-Saharan Africa




Rojas, Zeida G.


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Rojas, Zeida G., A Review of the Literature on Faith-Based Organization’s HIV/AIDS Care and Prevention in Sub-Saharan Africa. Master of Public Health (Community Health), May 2005, 83 pp., 20 diagrams, bibliography, 10 titles. The thesis assesses the role of faith-based organizations (FBOs) involved in HIV/AIDS related care and prevention activities in Sub-Saharan Africa. Do FBOs have the ability to address the multi-faceted syndrome that HIV/AIDS brings to an individual, their family and community? Can FBOs be effective partners to carry out prevention and care initiatives? Faith-based organizations are generally overlooked as potential partners and leaders in the fight against HIV/AIDS. FBOs are often the only genuine nongovernmental organizations in many rural parts of poor countries, or at a minimum, they are the strongest and most influential. Due to their organizational networks, FBOs are able to mobilize people and resources, and to reach rural or isolated areas. Evidence of current FBO efforts demonstrates that FBOs have the ability to address the multifaceted effects of HIV/AIDS and can become indispensable partners for government health agencies and NGOs.