Optimizing Workflows to Enhance Principal Investigator Satisfaction and Boost Patient Recruitment

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The success of a research study can be significantly compromised when principal investigators (PIs) express their dissatisfaction with the clinical research process. Additionally, poor communication between the PIs and research staff can lead to discouragement from participating in research. This communication barrier can also negatively impact subject recruitment and influence the overall success of the research study. In 2022, a survey conducted within the ophthalmology department at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center (UTSW) revealed a notable communication disconnect among the PIs, research staff, and clinic staff. This project aimed to reevaluate PI satisfaction, participation, and patient recruitment outcomes after introducing new workflows within the department, which facilitated a closer communication and collaboration with the clinical research staff. The Ophthalmology and Optometry clinical and research providers were administered the same survey as the previous year. Ten of the 35 providers responded, giving a 29% response rate. The responses revealed some improvement in some areas, such as PI's knowledge of resources available to conduct research and awareness of active enrolling studies. Other areas remained unchanged and in need of further work, such as a lack of a clear understanding of the research process and whom to contact to start a research study at UT Southwestern.