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UNTHSC Scholar is an open access repository of the intellectual output and publicly available materials of the university. UNTHSC Scholar provides stable access to data, highlights community partnerships and engagement, and enables discovery of these works by the international scientific community. It preserves the history, growth and innovation of the University of North Texas Health Science Center as an institution.

  • Aging-related limit of exercise efficacy on motor decline 

    Arnold, Jennifer C.; Cantu, Mark A.; Kasanga, Ella A.; Nejtek, Vicki A.; Papa, Evan V.; Bugnariu, Nicoleta; Salvatore, Michael F.; 0000-0001-6935-1739 (Nejtek, Vicki A.) (PLOS, 2017-11-27)
    Identifying lifestyle strategies and allied neurobiological mechanisms that reduce aging-related motor impairment is imperative, given the accelerating number of retirees and increased life expectancy. A physically active ...
  • Cardiovascular Metrics Associated With Prevention of Aging-Related Parkinsonian Signs Following Exercise Intervention in Sedentary Older Rats 

    Kasanga, Ella A.; Little, Joel; McInnis, Tamara R.; Bugnariu, Nicoleta; Cunningham, J. Thomas; Salvatore, Michael F.; 0000-0001-8859-9481 (Cunningham, J. Thomas) (Frontiers Media S.A., 2021-12-15)
    Preservation of motor capabilities is vital to maintaining independent daily living throughout a person's lifespan and may mitigate aging-related parkinsonism, a progressive and prevalent motor impairment. Physically active ...
  • A Collaborative Implementation Strategy to Increase Falls Prevention Training Using the Age-Friendly Health Systems Approach 

    Severance, Jennifer J.; Rivera, Solymar; Cho, Jinmyoung; Hartos, Jessica; Khan, Amal; Knebl, Janice (MDPI, 2022-05-12)
    Falls in the home and in community environments are the leading cause of injuries and long-term disabilities for the aging population. The purpose of this study was to examine outcomes of a partnership among an academic ...
  • Serious mental illness and negative substance use consequences among adults on probation 

    Rossheim, Matthew E.; Livingston, Melvin D.; Lerch, Jennifer A.; Taxman, Faye S.; Walters, Scott T.; 0000-0003-4388-5251 (Rossheim, Matthew E.); 0000-0003-4074-6141 (Walters, Scott T.) (BioMed Central Ltd., 2018-03-22)
    BACKGROUND: Adults on probation are at greater risk of both using substances and having a mental disorder compared to the general population. Several theories explain the relationship between substance use and poor mental ...
  • Vaping and COVID-19 Risk: Perceived link and its correlates among at-risk adolescents 

    Cai, Xioamei; Zhao, Xiaquan; Rossheim, Matthew E.; Xue, Hong; 0000-0003-4388-5251 (Rossheim, Matthew E.) (Elsevier Inc., 2021-10-11)
    Research shows that a significant number of adolescents and young adults quit vaping or reduced the amount of nicotine consumed since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, there is a lack of evidence on adolescent ...

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