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UNTHSC Scholar is an open access repository of the intellectual output and publicly available materials of the university. UNTHSC Scholar provides stable access to data, highlights community partnerships and engagement, and enables discovery of these works by the international scientific community. It preserves the history, growth and innovation of the University of North Texas Health Science Center as an institution.

  • Spatio-temporal dynamics of three diseases caused by Aedes-borne arboviruses in Mexico 

    Dong, Bo; Khan, Latifur; Smith, Madison; Trevino, Jesus; Zhao, Bingxin; Hamer, Gabriel L.; Lopez-Lemus, Uriel A.; Molina, Aracely Angulo; Lubinda, Jailos; Nguyen, Uyen-Sa D. T.; Haque, Ubydul; 0000-0003-2715-9073 (Nguyen, Uyen-Sa D. T.); 0000-0002-7413-1017 (Haque, Ubydul) (Springer Nature, 2022-11-02)
    BACKGROUND: The intensity of transmission of Aedes-borne viruses is heterogeneous, and multiple factors can contribute to variation at small spatial scales. Illuminating drivers of heterogeneity in prevalence over time and ...
  • Social Media Use and Mental Health: A Global Analysis 

    Ulvi, Osman; Karamehic-Muratovic, Ajlina; Baghbanzadeh, Mahdi; Bashir, Ateka; Smith, Jacob; Haque, Ubydul; 0000-0002-7413-1017 (Haque, Ubydul) (MDPI, 2022-11-24)
    Research indicates that excessive use of social media can be related to depression and anxiety. This study conducted a systematic review of social media and mental health, focusing on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Based ...
  • The human toll and humanitarian crisis of the Russia-Ukraine war: the first 162 days 

    Haque, Ubydul; Naeem, Amna; Wang, Shanshan; Espinoza, Juan; Holovanova, Irina; Gutor, Taras; Bazyka, Dimitry; Galindo, Rebeca; Sharma, Sadikshya; Kaidashev, Igor P.; Chumachenko, Dmytro; Linnikov, Syvatoslav; Annan, Esther; Lubinda, Jailos; Korol, Natalya; Bazyka, Kostyantyn; Zhyvotovska, Liliia; Zimenkovsky, Andriy; Nguyen, Uyen-Sa D.T.; 0000-0002-7413-1017 (Haque, Ubydul); 0000-0003-2715-9073 (Nguyen, Uyen-Sa D. T.) (BMJ Publishing Group Ltd., 2022-09-28)
    BACKGROUND: We examined the human toll and subsequent humanitarian crisis resulting from the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which began on 24 February 2022. METHOD: We extracted and analysed data resulting from Russian ...
  • A prospective cost-benefit analysis for nylon 4N6FLOQSwabs(R): example of the process and potential benefits 

    Budowle, Bruce; Ge, Jianye; Sajantila, Antti; 0000-0001-8724-075X (Ge, Jianye) (Springer Nature, 2022-09-04)
    Laboratories and their criminal justice systems are confronted with challenges for implementing new technologies, practices, and policies even when there appears to be demonstrative benefits to operational performance. ...
  • Prenatal oral health guidelines: a theory- and practice-informed approach to survey development using a modified-Delphi technique and cognitive interviews 

    Vamos, Cheryl A.; Griner, Stacey B.; Daley, Ellen M.; Cayama, Morgan Richardson; Beckstead, Jason; Boggess, Kim; Quinonez, Rocio B.; Damschroder, Laura; 0000-0002-2774-5841 (Griner, Stacey B.) (BioMed Central Ltd., 2022-11-30)
    BACKGROUND: Pregnancy presents an opportune time for oral health promotion and intervention; however, implementation of the prenatal oral health guidelines remains a challenge among prenatal and oral health providers. The ...

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