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  • Unravelling Novel Roles of Salivary Exosomes in the Regulation of Human Corneal Stromal Cell Migration and Wound Healing 

    Escandon, Paulina; Liu, Angela; Nicholas, Sarah E.; Khan, Asher; Riaz, Kamran M.; Karamichos, Dimitrios; 0000-0002-8761-3824 (Karamichos, Dimitrios) (MDPI, 2022-04-14)
    Salivary exosomes have demonstrated vast therapeutic and diagnostic potential in numerous diseases. This study pioneers previously unexplored roles of SE in the context of corneal wound healing by utilizing primary corneal ...
  • Treatment of Non-Infectious Corneal Injury: Review of Diagnostic Agents, Therapeutic Medications, and Future Targets 

    Dang, Deanna H.; Riaz, Kamran M.; Karamichos, Dimitrios; 0000-0002-8761-3824 (Karamichos, Dimitrios) (Springer Nature, 2022-01-13)
    Corneal injuries can occur secondary to traumatic, chemical, inflammatory, metabolic, autoimmune, and iatrogenic causes. Ocular infection may frequently occur concurrent to corneal injury; however, antimicrobial agents are ...
  • Characterization of Tear Immunoglobulins in a Small-Cohort of Keratoconus Patients 

    McKay, Tina B.; Serjersen, Henrik; Hjortdal, Jesper; Zieske, James D.; Karamichos, Dimitrios; 0000-0002-8761-3824 (Karamichos, Dimitrios) (Springer Nature, 2020-06-10)
    Keratoconus (KC) is classically considered a non-inflammatory condition caused by central corneal thinning that leads to astigmatism and reduced visual acuity. Previous studies have identified increased systemic levels of ...
  • Nerve influence on the metabolism of type I and type II diabetic corneal stroma: an in vitro study 

    Whelchel, Amy E.; Nicholas, Sarah E.; Ma, Jian-Xing; Karamichos, Dimitrios; 0000-0002-8761-3824 (Karamichos, Dimitrios) (Springer Nature, 2021-07-01)
    Corneal innervation plays a major role in the pathobiology of diabetic corneal disease. However, innervation impact has mainly been investigated in the context of diabetic epitheliopathy and wound healing. Further studies ...
  • The Role of Estriol and Estrone in Keratoconic Stromal Sex Hormone Receptors 

    Escandon, Paulina; Nicholas, Sarah E.; Cunningham, Rebecca L.; Murphy, David A.; Riaz, Kamran M.; Karamichos, Dimitrios; 0000-0002-8761-3824 (Karamichos, Dimitrios); 0000-0001-5984-5516 (Cunningham, Rebecca) (MDPI, 2022-01-14)
    Keratoconus (KC) is a progressive corneal thinning disease that manifests in puberty and worsens during pregnancy. KC onset and progression are attributed to diverse factors that include: environmental, genetics, and ...

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