Interactive Images in Library Instruction: A Case Study




0009-0006-8559-0223 (Pierce Farrier, Katie)
0000-0002-2025-7992 (Van Der Volgen, Jessi)

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This paper discusses the design and implementation of the H5P image hotspots and describes additional use cases for library instruction in order to teach learners from across the country on how different spaces can be used to create private, accessible areas where patrons can conduct telehealth appointments. The Network of the National Library of Medicine created an online class using H5P image hotspots to allow learners to virtually explore a physical space. The class used Moodle, an open-source learning platform, and H5P image hotspots to demonstrate how libraries implemented telehealth programs.


This is an original manuscript of an article published by Taylor & Francis in Medical Reference Services Quarterly on February, available online:


Pierce Farrier, K., Dowd, A., & Van Der Volgen, J. (2024). Interactive Images in Library Instruction: A Case Study. Medical Reference Services Quarterly, 43(1), 82-93.


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