Student Initiative in Medical Simulation: Review of the UNTHSC Chapter




Nguyen, Thuy


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  1. Purpose: Due to the popular demand of more medical simulation, the UNTHSC SIMS organization began as a division of their parent organization, the Emergency Medicine Interest Group. UNTHSC Student Initiative in Medical Simulation(SIMS) offers pre-clinical students an outlet to apply clinical knowledge in a fun, clinically-based setting. Students in SIMS are able to practice mannequin-based cases where teamwork and quick thinking are rewarded. This provides an advantage to the students before their clinical rotations, where urgent situation often arises without warning. The purpose of this review is to explore what UNTHSC SIMS offers student, it's curriculum design, and chronically record all of the events that this organization has contributed to UNTHSC as a whole.
  2. Methods: Quantitative data such as event participation were extracted from Orgsync. Further quantitative data for the making of a timeline were received from Dr. Tierney(head of SIMS lab).
  3. Results: As this is a review paper, the results section included "growth & engagement" of UNTHSC SIMS. The organization started out with five participants wanting more simulation skills and events, grew to over 200 members, hosting state and national level conferences, and to date have organized several community events in connection with TCOM itself and other organizations. UNTHSC SIMS has grown to be the most active organization on campus due to members participation and sheer numbers of events offered to its members.
  4. Conclusions: Despite many successes, UNTHSC SIMS still struggles with challenges such as retaining and involving more physician mentors for meetings and competitions. As member numbers grow, the need for more officers and space is apparent. The UNTHSC SIMS officers also are working on developing more variety in in-house written cases for simulation, a task that takes expert review and hours of design per case.