Major Mental Illness and Resources Tarrant County




Desai, Shivani
Singhal, Juhi
Blaydes, Rachel
Wickramage, Pavithra
Khowaja, Sanober


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Introduction: Mental Illness is a global issue that affects over 1 billion individuals. High prevalence of mental illness leads to higher rates of death, disability, medical illness, incarceration, homelessness, unemployment, poverty, and violation of human rights. Significant barriers to those facing mental illness are the lack of access to care and the stigma of treatment. The three major mental illnesses that physicians encounter are schizophrenia, major depressive disorder, and bipolar disorder. All of these illnesses require life-long treatment. However, there are resources available in the Tarrant County area and at the national, state, and local levels to alleviate the mental illness care disparity. Resources: Although getting access to mental health care is still challenging, there are resources available at the national, state and local level. At the national level, there is the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Texas Health and Human Services is a resource available at the state level. Finally, at the local level in Tarrant County there is JPS Behavioral Health Clinic - Northeast, My Health My Resources (MHMR), and Crisis Respite and Residential Unit. Barriers: The goal of these organizations is to help those with serious mental health illnesses, however the eligibility and process required to access these resources may create barriers for some individuals. Conclusion: While several resources in Tarrant County are striving to close these significant gaps in access to behavioral health help, it is important to realize that more work needs to be done until mental illness is viewed as equivalent to physical illness.