Brain Low Grade Gliomas: Association of Specificity Protein Transcription Factor Sp1 and MAOB with Patient Survival




Ibarra-Aleman, Victoria
Basha, Riyaz
Tran, Nora
Spore, Paul


0000-0002-3636-889X (Ibarra-Aleman, Victoria)

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Purpose MAOB and SP1 are transcription factors expressed in low-grade gliomas (LGGs). MAOB and SP1 are both involved in the regulation of MAOB and have a positive feedback that leads to increased expression of MAOB in cells. We investigated the relationship between survival times in patients with LGGs and the transcription factors SP1 and MAOB. The levels of these markers in relation to gender and race were also evaluated. Methods Data was obtained through The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) utilizing "UALCAN: A portal for facilitating tumor subgroup gene expression and survival analyses". Using Kaplan Meier plots, information was obtained on expression of SP1 and MAOB alone, levels of expression and race, and levels of expression and gender in patients with LGG. Results SP1 and MAOB had lower survival times with high levels of expression. Asians and African Americans had lower survival times than Caucasians with both high and low expressions of SP1 and MAOB. There was a stark difference in survival times between high and low expression of SP1 in females as compared to males. Conclusions It appears that chemotherapeutics that target MAOB could be helpful in extending the survival times for patients with low grade gliomas. Further studies should be done to determine whether the results of gender and race are due to genetic differences or a source of health disparities.