Tuberculosis in Tarrant County




Farooq, Ifrah
Charara, Fatima
Qureshi, Sana
Nelson, Jacob
Javed, Madeeha


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Purpose: Tuberculosis (TB) is a chronic bacterial infection, caused by mycobacterium tuberculae, that affects the lungs, brain, bones, and kidneys if not properly treated. TB management has improved tremendously since it's discovery in the 1880s. However, there are many socioeconomic factors that contribute to the disease's progression. The purpose of this study was to evaluate TB's mechanism of infection, current infection rates, and the resources available to the Tarrant County population. Methods: We conducted a literature study of resources specific to Tarrant County focusing on TB education, prevention, and elimination. Results: The International Standards for Tuberculosis Care have outlined the levels of care that should be sought by those who: have TB, are suspected of having TB, or are at increased risk of developing TB. Tarrant County has many resources available in accordance with these standards including Tarrant County Public Health Department, Tarrant County Public Health Refugee Program, and True Worth Place. These programs work to educate, screen, and provide referral services to residents, immigrants, and refugees. Conclusion: Since the discovery of this disease, there has been a growing effort to help the Fort Worth community. There are many programs available to those who have TB as well as those who are at risk. These programs are easily accessible and benefit people with limited access to healthcare due to income, education, or socioeconomic status. Although the prevalence of TB has decreased, this disease is still present in our community, and efforts should be made to further prevent its spread.