Analysis of HemaSpot[TM]-HF and HemaSpot[TM]-HD Sampling Kits Using Trace DNA




McGehee, Rachel L.


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Spot On Sciences, Inc. has recently developed a new device, the HemaSpot[TM], which allows for samples to be stored safely at ambient temperatures. The UNTHSC FGEN program was contacted to conduct a research study to determine its feasibility for use as collection and storage media with trace samples. Extractions of 108 samples were conducted with QIAGEN[R] QIAamp DNA Investigator Kits, a 3130xL Genetic Analyzer, and GeneMapper[R] ID-X software. A hypersensitivity study worked with sub-optimal amounts of control DNA in order to observe the quality and variation of the generated profiles. The trace study swabbed items found at typical crime scenes and determined the device's ability to generate readable profiles. Results uncovered that all samples either contained large portions of allelic dropout or contamination. Relatively similar partial profiles were produced for both cartridge types in the hypersensitivity study. In addition, readable trace profiles were compared to one another to conclude that the HemaSpot[TM]-HD had the most success, however this may have been the cause of limited size and sample variation. Both products should be tested further.