Elimination of Post-Exercise Hypotension Impairs Plasma Volume Recovery




Hayes, Patrick M.


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Hayes, Patrick M., Elimination of Post-Exercise Hypotension Impairs Plasma Volume Recovery. Master of Science (Biomedical Sciences), December, 1996, 18 pp., 2 tables, 5 figures, bibliography, 20 titles. The aim of this study was to test the hypothesis that plasma volume (PV) recovery following exercise was facilitated by post-exercise hypotension. Seven volunteers performed 2 bouts of cycling exercise for 60 minutes followed by 90 minutes of seated recovery without intervention (trial 1) or with phenylephrine infusion (PE) started at 10 minutes of recovery (trial 2). Blood samples were taken throughout the protocol at specific times, and were analyzed to measure hematocrit (Hct), hemoglobin (Hb), protein content and electrolyte levels. Plasma volume was measured using the Evans Blue Dye dilution technique and estimates of changes from resting values were then calculated from Hct and Hb values. While PV approached baseline levels at 30 minutes into recovery in trial 1, the change in PV remained significantly below control values with PE. We concluded that the diminished gain in the change in total proteins (significant increase without PE, no difference from control with PE) contributed to the impaired recovery of PV observed in trial 2, and that this difference in protein shift is attributable to the elimination of post-exercise hypotension.