Advanced Problem Solving in the Biotherapeutics Industry: Parameters influencing the delivery of a novel cell therapy product and exploration of a new method for determining activity of Clostridium histolyticum collagenase, a wound debridement enzyme




Harris, Melanie A.


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Biotechnology is a multi-faceted industry with many unique challenges that require knowledge in a broad range of topics. When working in the wound care field it is necessary to not only create a product in the laboratory, but also effectively bring it to the patient. This task requires many skilled people who can test it for efficacy, design and conduct clinical trials, confirm quality and consistency, design packaging, consider transportation issues and so on. The following investigation focuses on the testing of a cellular product and its accompanying device under various conditions as well as the exploration of a new assay capable of the activity of a wound debridement enzyme. The results of the product/device testing have generally confirmed the comparability of the cellular product devices as well as their resistance to various temperatures encountered in the clinical environment. A new modified assay for the testing of collagenase has been established as precise and comparable to current methods, though it requires more testing to confirm robustness.