Making the Patient Safety Connection Between Rx and OTC: Assessment of an Active Learning Activity

Taei, Nasrin
Fix, Jennifer
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Purpose: This active learning activity exercise allows the student to: Use available resources to learn information about prescription (Rx) and over-the-counter (OTC) medications Connect OTC product concerns with prescription medications Connect OTC products that support or complement the use of prescription medications Consider self-care options for patients when they are unable to afford going to the doctor Consider the dangers of OTC medication use Consider patient safety concerns Method: Using Qualtrix, a survey will be completed before beginning the session which included the activity. One week later, the same survey will be administered. Results will be tabulated to compare before and after entries with the anticipation that the activity developed their confidence in the material. Description of the Active Learning Exercise: Each student randomly selected an empty prescription stock bottle before being seated for class. Once class began, the before survey was administered. All students logged into to Qualtrix to complete the before survey. A questionnaire was provided that the allowed the student to use available drug databases and answer questions related to the prescription product they selected. A follow up survey will be administered one week later to observe any changes in student perception after having completed the exercise. Results: The data and results are available through Qualtrix. 113 students participated in the activity and the before and after surveys. Conclusions: The expected outcome is that students will have improved impressions regarding lessons learned. Results will be published and will potentially motivate faculty in other schools of pharmacy to adopt such an activity.