The Tarrant County Diabetes Collaboration: A Case Study of a Community Diabetes Coalition

Sammer, Christine
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Sammer, Christine, The Tarrant County Diabetes Collaboration: A Case of a Community Diabetes Coalition. Master of Public Health (Health Administration), August, 2001, 66 pp., 2 tables, 1 figure, bibliography, 20 titles. This study considers the characteristics of a diabetes coalition that are necessary for coalition maintenance beyond the formation and building stages. A case study was done of the Tarrant County Diabetes Collaboration (TCDC). Data were collected through recorded interviews and a review of documents. The concepts of collaboration identified were: composition, ownership, value, governance, operational map, fiscal structure, and domain. These concepts are presented in a conceptual model. Conclusions made were that the two main strengths of the TCDC were composition and member’s perception of value. Opportunities for growth included defining member roles, developing strong leadership, operating by an operational map and fiscal plan, and becoming recognized as a force for diabetes in the community.