Evaluation of Mental Health Association of Tarrant County's School Based Mental Health Curriculum: Focus Group and Results




Nanji-Bhai, Anila K.


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Nanji-Bhai, Anila K., Evaluation of Mental Health Association of Tarrant County’s School Based Mental Health Curriculum: Focus Group and Results. Master of Public Health (Community Health), April 2005, 31 pp., references. There are presently numerous research findings that indicate the need for mental health education among the adolescent population within the United States. In the last decade, tragedies such as the Columbine school shooting, and most recently the Red Lake school shootings in Minnesota point to the fact that adolescents are facing mental pressures and need assistance. In this study, a mental health curriculum, developed by the Mental Health Association of Tarrant County, was examined through the use of focus groups. The group was asked to analyze and comment on the curriculum, as to the age-appropriateness, the “appeal,” and to suggest improvements or revisions. The qualitative data that was gathered was analyzed using NVivo. Results showed a strong opposition to this type of program being brought into the school setting. As the focus group sessions continued however, the curriculum was adapted based on the participants’ comments and suggestions. In the end, the curriculum was accepted by the participants as a program that would be welcomed in schools. Conclusions were that when the proposed curriculum was modified according to the focus group participants’ comments and suggestions; particularly concerning TEKS objectives, the curriculum became more acceptable and a viable opportunity for the school districts.