Gestational Diabetes Systems




Moore, Jessica


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Purpose: Gestational diabetes is one of the most common metabolic disorders and medical complications of pregnancy, and trends show rates increasing over time. Mismanagement of gestational diabetes can lead to adverse effects for both mother and infant, indicating the importance of prevention and proper prenatal care. Both prevention and management of gestational diabetes may require a complex interaction between many organizations. The aim of this study is to use systems-thinking to identify organizations that provide services related to either prevention or management of gestational diabetes. Methods: A web-based search was conducted to identify organizations related to gestational diabetes. Organizations were categorized and organized by the population served, including national level, state level, and local level. Connections between organizations were made based on services provided by each organization. Results: Ten organizations were identified that serve women with gestational diabetes. Organizations identified include The American Diabetes Association (ADA), the Texas Department of Health and Human Services, and John Peter Smith (JPS) Hospital. Organizations provide services such as health education, access and connection to health care resources, and delivery of health care itself. Conclusion: Access to health care resources can greatly improve the outcomes of a pregnancy affected by gestational diabetes. Applying systems-thinking to the prevention and treatment of gestational diabetes may help achieve improved outcomes. The identification of and connections between organizations that aide in the prevention and treatment of gestational diabetes may greatly increase access to information and resources and reduce the adverse effects of such a disease.