Lessons Learned from Age-Friendly, Team-Based Training




Murphy, Sara C.
Severance, Jennifer J.
Camp, Kathlene
Knebl, Janice
Fairchild, Thomas J.
Soto, Isabel


0009-0005-3267-5736 (Camp, Kathlene)

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According to the Institute of Medicine, immediate steps must be taken across the United States to educate and train the healthcare workforce to work collaboratively to address the needs of the growing older adult population. The Geriatric Practice Leadership Institute (GPLI) was designed to support professional teams working in acute and post-acute care in transforming their organization into a designated Age-Friendly Health System. The program was built around the Institute for Healthcare Improvement's Age-Friendly Health Systems 4Ms framework. This framework focuses on What Matters, Medication, Mentation, and Mobility (the 4Ms) in supporting care for older adults. The GPLI program is an online, seven-month team-based program with four to seven participants from one organization per team. Additionally, each team selected, developed, and completed a quality improvement project based on Age-Friendly Health Systems 4Ms. The curriculum also includes organizational culture, leadership, and interprofessional team-building modules. Using a post-completion survey, the experiences of 41 participants in the GPLI program were assessed. All respondents found the information in the program 'very' or 'extremely' valuable, and their executive sponsor 'very' or 'extremely' valuable in supporting their team's involvement and project. The GPLI program has trained over 200 healthcare professionals and teams that have successfully implemented projects across their organizations.



Murphy, S. C., Severance, J. J., Camp, K., Knebl, J. A., Fairchild, T. J., & Soto, I. (2023). Lessons Learned from Age-Friendly, Team-Based Training. Geriatrics (Basel, Switzerland), 8(4), 78. https://doi.org/10.3390/geriatrics8040078


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