Project Management in View of Increasing Sponsor Demands




Kurschner, Jill Elizabeth


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Kurschner, Jill E., Project Management in View of Increasing Sponsor Demands. Masters of Clinical Research Management (Biomedical Sciences), April, 2006, 190 pp., 24 tables, bibliography, 27 titles. In an ever increasing environment of Sponsor demands, it is imperative that Contract Research Organizations (CROs) like Company A, provide a niche in which they deliver a clinical trial-related service which is faster, less expensive, and more ingenious than their competitors while still in compliance with federal regulations. Successful project management practices, specifically trial progress tracking tools, are the avenue by which this goal can be achieved. As part of the internship practicum project, two company-wide questionnaires were disseminated to 34 applicable clinical operations employees at Company A. Questionnaire #1 was developed to assess employees’ global views of clinical trial progress tracking. Questionnaire #2 was designed based on the results received from Questionnaire #1. This questionnaire surveyed employees’ ideas and opinions regarding standardization of 5 specific trial progress tracking tools at Company A. Information gathered from the questionnaires will potentially Company A with the implementation of additional standardized trial progress tracking tools.