A Comprehensive Summary of the Knowledge on COVID-19 Treatment




Peng, Yu
Tao, Hongxun
Satyanarayanan, Senthil Kumaran
Jin, Kunlin
Su, Huanxing


0000-0002-1336-348X (Jin, Kunlin)

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JKL International


Currently, the world is challenged by the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. Epidemiologists and researchers worldwide are invariably trying to understand and combat this precarious new disease. Scrutinizing available drug options and developing potential new drugs are urgent needs to subdue this pandemic. Several intervention strategies are being considered and handled worldwide with limited success, and many drug candidates are yet in the trial phase. Despite these limitations, the development of COVID-19 treatment strategies has been accelerated to improve the clinical outcome of patients with COVID-19, and some countries have efficiently kept it under control. Recently, the use of natural and traditional medicine has also set the trend in coronavirus treatment. This review aimed to discuss the prevailing COVID-19 treatment strategies available globally by examining their efficacy, potential mechanisms, limitations, and challenges in predicting a future potential treatment candidate and bridging them with the effective traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). The findings might enrich the knowledge on traditional alternative medication and its complementary role with Western medicine in managing the COVID-19 epidemic.



Peng, Y., Tao, H., Satyanarayanan, S. K., Jin, K., & Su, H. (2021). A Comprehensive Summary of the Knowledge on COVID-19 Treatment. Aging and disease, 12(1), 155-191. https://doi.org/10.14336/AD.2020.1124


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