An Overview of Rehabilitation Services Offered in the North Texas Area




Newey, Carter
Whitaker, Zachary
Huntzinger, Jake


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Objective: Rehabilitation medicine is concerned with improving function through the diagnosis and treatment of health conditions, reduction of impairments, and prevention of complications. The health conditions treated by a rehabilitation team span from traumatic brain injury to gait disorders. This unique field relies heavily on the coordination of a multifaceted team of physicians, therapists, social workers, nurses, dieticians and many more. New advances of the technology in areas such as pharmacologic therapy, prosthetics and other mobility assistance devices are the cutting edge of this dynamic field. With its emphasis on improving the quality of life, rehabilitation services are a vital part of providing the best possible patient centered health care. The purpose of this study was to investigate the rehabilitative services available to the residents of the North Texas area and provide a useful summary of each program for the benefit of healthcare providers who might seek this assistance for their patients. Methods: This poster utilized and summarized the resources available on each the five participating program’s websites. Results: The Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services Vocational Rehabilitation Program helps individuals who have physical or mental disabilities to find employment. Helping Restore Ability provides a means for individuals who have disabilities to stay in their own homes, rather than having to relocate to a hospital or skilled nursing facility. Texas Technology Access Program helps individuals gain access to assistance devices and equipment to enhance their function and independence. Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services helps individuals with traumatic brain injuries or spinal cord injuries to receive the required care that they need. REACH Resource Centers on Independent Living aids individuals as they strive to lead independent lives. Conclusions: North Texas offers a variety of options to individuals who are in need of rehabilitative services. Ultimately, the goal of each program is to enhance an individual's functional ability and independence by providing each person with the tools, guidance, and opportunities they need in order to live more fulfilling lives.