African Tick-Bite Fever: A Case Report

dc.creatorMcCormick, Callum G.
dc.creatorEisner, Hailey
dc.creatorAtkinson, Barbara
dc.description.abstractPurpose: In this report we review the clinical features of African tick bite fever (ATBF) and compare them to domestic rickettsial infections. Methods: Information and records were obtained on a 70 year old female diagnosed with ATBF who initially presented with febrile illness, eschars and a history of recent travel to South Africa. She had been misdiagnosed with a staphylococcus infection and treated with Bactrim prior to presentation. Review of the literature was also conducted to research the presentation of rickettsial spotted fever group (RSFG) infections. Results: Clinical features and history lead to the diagnosis of ATBF and administration of appropriate treatment with doxycycline. Conclusion: African tick bite fever is an acute febrile illness commonly seen in travelers to sub-Saharan Africa and the West Indies. It is a mild illness characterized by fever, lymphadenopathy and multiple eschars. Physicians should consider the diagnosis of ATBF in febrile patients and skin lesions in the appropriate epidemiologic setting.
dc.titleAfrican Tick-Bite Fever: A Case Report