Resources for Women's Reproductive Health in Tarrant County




Holbrook, Hayley
Reynolds, Holli
Biben, Emily
McDonald, Rebecca
Gaudet, Ellen


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The purpose of this research was to explore resources for women's reproductive health in Tarrant County. The population of interest in this presentation is women of reproductive age, which is defined as women aged 18-44. There is a myriad of topics enveloped in the scope of women's reproductive health including infertility, maternal mortality, access to prenatal care, access to contraception, and alternative options in the case of unwanted pregnancy. Each topic encompasses its own set of information and concerns. Some of these concerns include lack of insurance, access to clinics, and health disparities. Although there are many issues and concerns when it comes to women's reproductive health, the women of Tarrant County have many resources they can utilize to help them. The resources covered in this research include: Planned Parenthood, Healthy Texas Women, Collins Family Planning Clinic, Center for Assisted Reproduction, JPS Health Center for Women, and Texas Pregnancy Care Network. These resources provide several services to the women of Tarrant County, however, there are barriers that were observed. Some of these barriers include income restrictions, the need for patients to be Texas and/or U.S. citizens, and limited hours. Overall, the resources available to women of reproductive age in Tarrant County are promising and encouraging, though it is important to understand that health disparities and barriers do exist. While many of the resources are striving to reduce barriers and health disparities, more work needs to be done.