Qualitative Analysis On HIV/AIDS Clinical Trial Recruitment Marketing Practices in the DFW MSA




Dapoz, Anthony
Chishimba, Ryan


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Few studies have been conducted regarding marketing techniques of clinical trials, while those conducted focus on a particular strategy's effectiveness with no comparative analysis to other existing techniques available. Fewer studies focus on HIV/AIDS clinical trial recruitment practices, with no standardized report given on which practices show more favorable recruitment rates. Data collection was carried out in two parts: literature review of HIV/AIDS clinical trials and ClinicalTrials.gov (U.S.-wide and Dallas Fort-Worth Metropolitan Statistical Area (DFW)). The literature review was used to create a summary of currently utilized marketing techniques used in the HIV/AIDS clinical trial, which directed data collection on recruitment techniques from ClinicalTrials.gov. Clinical trials meeting inclusion criteria were queried for recruitment marketing practices conducted via protocols and statistical analysis plans (SAPs) provided via ClinicalTrials.gov. Comparison of U.S. wide techniques to DFW recruitment techniques were to be conducted afterwards. The search of clinical trials was conducted via a U.S.-wide search and a regional DFW search. 45 of the 113 U.S.-wide clinical trials that provided protocols and SAPs met inclusion criteria. Of the 45 clinical trials that met inclusion, none of them were from the DFW. This quantitative analysis enabled the determination and documentation of the suggested best clinical trial recruitment practices. However, it did not successfully compare and contrast between recruitment strategies being utilized nationally to those utilized locally by organizations in the DFW. Further investment into national clinical trial registries would allow more detailed analysis for future studies.