Do It for Me, Mom.(R) Cervical and Breast Health Awareness: Participant Questionnaire and Outcome Analysis




Douglas, Kinnie M.


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The purpose of this study was to identify the characteristics of the participants of a local health promotion program, Do it for me, mom, and determine the increase in cervical and breast knowledge during the program’s educational outreach. The participants are Tarrant County women who attended a health educational session on cervical and breast cancer in the year 2000. At each educational session, the women completed pretests before the session then participant questionnaires and posttests after the session. The participant questionnaire provides demographic characteristics of these women to determine if they represent women consider underserved by age, ethnicity, or insurance status. The questionnaire also identifies screening compliance behavior. The pretest and posttest data reveals the knowledge level of program participants before and after each education program. The results of the research will measure whether the program is reaching underserved women and/or women with low screening compliance, while determining if the education curriculum and abilities of educators improve the cervical and breast health knowledge of its participants.