A Review of Resources and Accessibility for Alcohol Addiction in Tarrant County




Ajaykumar, Sharanya
Hussain, Sumera
Bourgin, Sarah
Mahajan, Anisha
Sahu, Shweta


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Purpose: Alcoholism is a disorder that affects 14.4 million adults, ages 18 and older. Therefore, an understanding of alcoholism, its impact on the population, and resources available is crucial to help those suffering from this disease. This study serves as a systematic review of resources available to those suffering from alcoholism at a national, state, and local level with an emphasis on resources within Tarrant County, Texas. Methods: Online scientific archives were used to collect statistics on rates of alcoholism, associated behaviors, and options for treatment for those afflicted. Preliminary research for publicly available resources was done through Google. We chose to conduct our research in this manner to parallel the search behavior of those seeking treatment for alcoholism. We searched colloquial phrases such as "resources for alcohol addiction, Tarrant County" and "alcoholics anonymous Tarrant County" to compile our resources. Results: A plethora of resources are available to those seeking help to combat alcoholism or in need of withdrawal assistance at Tarrant County and beyond. Some of these resources include the National Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors, Alcoholics Anonymous, the Recovery Resource Council, MHMR Tarrant County, Mesa Springs, and Community Addiction Treatment Services. Conclusions: A number of resources are available to those suffering from alcoholism. These resources span a variety of services tailored across age, socioeconomic status, and insurance providers. However, as alcoholism becomes increasingly prevalent within society, the most significant barrier to receiving treatment is a lack of resources due to overcrowding.