A Multisite Qualitative Analysis of Perceived Roles in Medication Safety: Older Adults' Perspectives




Jallow, Fatoumata
Stehling, Elisa
Sajwani-Merchant, Zara
Daniel, Kathryn M.
Fulda, Kimberly G.
Espinoza, Anna M.
Gurses, Ayse P.
Arbaje, Alicia I.
Xiao, Yan


0000-0002-5096-2983 (Fulda, Kimberly G.)

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Cleveland Clinic


Older adults and caregivers play an essential role in medication safety; however, self-perception of their and health professionals' roles in medication safety is not well-understood. The objective of our study was to identify the roles of patients, providers, and pharmacists in medication safety from the perspective of older adults. Semi-structured qualitative interviews were held with 28 community-dwelling older adults over 65 years who took five or more prescription medications daily. Results suggest that older adults' self-perceptions of their role in medication safety varied widely. Older adults perceived that self-learning about their medications and securing them are critical to avoiding medication-related harm. Primary care providers were perceived as coordinators between older adults and specialists. Older adults expected pharmacists to inform them of any changes in the characteristics of medications to ensure medications were taken correctly. Our findings provide an in-depth analysis of older adults' perceptions and expectations of their providers' specific roles in medication safety. Educating providers and pharmacists about the role expectations of this population with complex needs can ultimately improve medication safety.



Jallow, F., Stehling, E., Sajwani-Merchant, Z., Daniel, K. M., Fulda, K. G., Espinoza, A. M., Gurses, A. P., Arbaje, A. I., & Xiao, Y. (2023). A Multisite Qualitative Analysis of Perceived Roles in Medication Safety: Older Adults' Perspectives. Journal of patient experience, 10, 23743735231158887. https://doi.org/10.1177/23743735231158887


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