A Review of Dendritic Cell Vaccines in Cancer Treatment and a Managerial Focus on Issues Related to Subject Recruitment

dc.contributor.advisorArredondo, LaChelle
dc.contributor.committeeMemberGwirtz, Patricia A.
dc.contributor.committeeMemberOglesby, Michael
dc.creatorMcFarlin, Tory
dc.description.abstractMcFarlin, Tory. A Review of Dendritic Cell Vaccines in Cancer Treatment and a Managerial Focus on Issues Related to Subject Recruitment. Master of Science (Clinical Research Management), December 2006, 97 pp., 5 tables, bibliography, 24 titles. Melanoma is form of skin cancer that can become deadly if the cancer progresses to a stage of metastasis. Five year survival rates as low as 10% may be noted in such patients. Decarbazine and Proleukin have been approved by the FDA for the treatment of metastatic melanoma; however both have response rates of approximately 20% or less. New treatment modalities including dendritic cell (DC) vaccines are currently being tested for treating metastatic melanoma with greater safety and efficacy profiles. DC vaccines are made by obtaining a subject’s DCs, priming them with melanoma antigen ex vivo and then injecting them into the patient to initiate an immune response against melanoma tumor cells in vivo. Investigational new treatments such has the DC vaccine must first be tested in clinical trials on research subjects. Subject enrollment issues regarding such a trial can cause delays in advances of the treatment. As an intern with a DC vaccine clinical trial, the author assisted in screening 45 patients and observed many hindrances involving enrollment of subjects. Such hindrances include: low rates of study personnel retention, small patient pools, and competing trials. Recommendations to improve enrollment include: more effective advertisement strategies and increased patient education.
dc.subjectCancer Biology
dc.subjectCell and Developmental Biology
dc.subjectClinical Epidemiology
dc.subjectClinical Trials
dc.subjectHealth Services Administration
dc.subjectHealth Services Research
dc.subjectLife Sciences
dc.subjectMedicine and Health Sciences
dc.subjectOther Public Health
dc.subjectPublic Health
dc.subjectPublic Health Education and Promotion
dc.subjectDendritic cell vaccines
dc.subjectcancer treatment
dc.subjectmanagerial focus
dc.subjectsubject recruitment
dc.subjectskin cancer
dc.subjectsurvival rates
dc.subjecttreatment modalities
dc.subjectimmune response
dc.subjecttumor cells
dc.subjectin vivo
dc.subjectclinical trial
dc.titleA Review of Dendritic Cell Vaccines in Cancer Treatment and a Managerial Focus on Issues Related to Subject Recruitment
dc.typeProfessional Report
thesis.degree.departmentGraduate School of Biomedical Sciences
thesis.degree.disciplineClinical Research Management
thesis.degree.grantorUniversity of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth
thesis.degree.nameMaster of Science


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