Factors that Impact Patient Enrollment in Clinical Trials




Duong, Phong


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Introduction: Medical progress, now more than ever, demands clinicians to provide tangible proof over sound hypotheses. This is where clinical research steps in as a combatant to the unknown provoked by logical theories and sound hypotheses. The one constant in clinical research is that recruitment strategies are always changing. Analyzing factors that impact recruitment will effectively serve to improve the quality of clinical research conduction. Objective: The purpose of this project is to determine if there are certain factors in an individual’s life that has influenced them to participate in a clinical research study. Methods: To address the specific aims of the practicum project, a fifteen-question survey was administered to subjects enrolled in four different studies at Plaza Medical Center of Fort Worth. Data analysis was conducted using the Chi-Square Significance Test. Results: The data yielded Chi-Square values of 11.355 (Personal Influence), 14.129 (Family Influence), 186.242 (Research Staff influence), 40.581 (Financial Influence), and 56.871(Physician Influence). The values were tested under the following parameters: α=0.05 with four degrees of freedom. Conclusions: This leads to a rejection of the null hypothesis and implies that there are factors in a subject’s life that influences their decision to participate in a research study.