Evaluation of New Operating Procedures for Submitted Investigator-Initiated Research to Baylor's IRB




Rutter, Taylor M


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Rutter, Taylor M., Evaluation of New Operating Procedures For Submitting Investigator-Initiated Research to Baylor’s IRB. Master of Science (Clinical Research Management), May, 2013, 97pp., 6 tables, bibliography, 24 titles. Purpose: To create a toolkit for investigator-initiated research outlining the resources available and the necessary steps to submit an application to the BUMC IRB and to make this a more efficient and satisfactory process. Hypothesis: A toolkit for investigator-initiated research that outlines the steps to complete Baylor’s Internal Review Board (IRB) submission process will decrease the timeframe that is needed for IRB approval and decrease the confusion with the application process. Design: A pilot toolkit was designed to aid in the IRB submission process for investigator-initiated research studies. A survey was distributed to toolkit users to gather information about their satisfaction with it and the effect that it had on efficiency. Results: The pilot toolkit was an anticipated item for researchers at Baylor. The packet was helpful and they were satisfied with the product. The preliminary results show that the packet reduced the time needed to obtain IRB approval.