A Comparative Study of Three Methods to Enhance the Collection of DNA from Plant Material

Ausmer, Alea D
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The Botanical Research Institute of Texas is using two methods of DNA extraction from plants, an automated method called Bullet Blender® and a manual method of grinding. A third method, using an instrument called the Fast Prep-24™, was evaluated and the DNA yield obtained was compared to the other methods. Eight plant species were chosen and two sample preparation methods, wet and dry, were evaluated. DNA yield gels were run in order to compare DNA quality and UV spectroscopy was used to evaluate quantity. Independent Student t-tests were performed to compare means variation between the DNA yield on the wet and dry samples and one-way ANOVA was used to compare variation between the three extraction methods. No significant difference was found between the wet and dry samples for DNA concentrations, but a significant difference was observed between the Fast Prep-24™ instrument and the other two methods.