Intermuscular Lipoma: A Case Report




Bilbao, Jorge
Fisher, Cara


0000-0003-0955-5507 (Bilbao, Jorge)

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Background: Lipomas are the most common type of soft-tissue tumors. Superficial lipomas account for about 50% of all soft-tissue tumors and are usually found in the upper back, neck, proximal extremities, and abdomen. Deep-seated lipomas are far less common and usually found in the lower extremity, trunk, shoulder, and upper extremity. Case Presentation: In our study we report a case of a deep-seated, intermuscular lipoma with a rare location in the erector spinae musculature of the lower back. This mass was found during a routine dissection of a 68-year-old male cadaver and it serves to expand knowledge on the anatomical aspects of rare intermuscular lipoma locations. On gross examination, the lipomatous mass was seemingly circumscribed with a uniform, yellowish adipose color, lobulated surface, and soft consistency. Histological examination exhibited a discrete mass of uniform, mature adipocytes, which are clearly delineated from the surrounding musculature. Conclusions: These findings are diagnostic of a well-circumscribed intermuscular lipoma. It is important to note that these lesions are benign and have no metastatic potential. Knowledge of rare intermuscular lipoma locations is necessary for clinicians and surgeons during diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. It is necessary that current clinical guidelines take rare variants into consideration.