A Comparison of Medicare Prospective Payment Systems on P.T.C.A. and Stent Outcomes in an Urban Hospital




Compton, Ben H.


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Compton, Ben H., A Comparison of Medicare Prospective Systems on P.T.C.A. and STENT Outcomes in an Urban Hospital. Master of Public Health (Health Services Administration), May 2001, 57 pp., 10 tables, 1 graph, bibliography, 51 titles. To determine if differences in outcomes exist between Medicare prospective payment systems when doing percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (PTCA) or STENT surgeries. From January 1999 and December 2000, 146 Medicare patients were identified with 35 being outpatient and 111 inpatient. A separate group of 1-day inpatients was used as a comparison for the outpatient group. Results from the comparison reveal that in the three groups, the majority of patients were white, non-Hispanic males who were about 70 years of age. The 1-day inpatient group had the highest profit of all three with about $3,000 while the inpatient group broke even. The outpatient group had no in-hospital deaths or complications while all three had equal amounts of comorbidities. The conclusion is that losses will probably occur if PTCA and STENTs are done outpatient. Possible solutions are moving to an inpatient setting or determining which costs can be reduced in the outpatient setting.